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Summer 2015 fragrance pick

I know summer is almost over but my favorite fragrance this summer was Oscar de la Renta Flor. The fragrance is best described as a cool floral breeze on a hot summer day. It’s absolutely delightful. You still have a bit of time to enjoy it before summer ends.  

The danger of a reprobate mind

On June 26 2015 the Supreme court of the United States issued a ruling that legalized same sex marriage in all fifty states. As I bemoaned this to God in prayer, I was quickly reminded that 1) we’re certainly living in the last days and 2) most of the supporters[…]
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Strength for the Body of Christ

I don’t know about you all but I’ve  been a bit weary with all the bad news in the world today. It just seems like evil is overcoming good. Well in my time of communion with the Lord yesterday, He gave me this word: He’s sending strength to His church[…]
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Fat Loss Detox January 2015

We’ve all enjoyed the holidays and it’s festivities, now the New Year is here and we’re making resolutions. This time however, losing weight for me isn’t just another New Years resolution, it’s an absolute must in order to stay healthy. I’m trying a few different things, focusing more on nutrition than anything else.[…]
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