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Happy Fourth of July 2014

Happy 4th of July y’all! As I sit here reminiscing about the meaning of July 4th I can’t help but think about how morally bankrupt our nation has become. Did God give us independence and the opportunity to serve Him freely (that’s what religious freedom is all about) only¬†for us[…]
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Happy Father’s Day 2014

Happy Father’s day to all dads, wanna be dads, soon to be dads, uncle dads, single moms holding it together because there’s no dad present and all men who stand as father figures in any child or adult’s life. For those men that are really fathers I encourage you to[…]
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Fatherless Daughters

Writing this blog is emotional and painful for me. Those who know me personally, know my relationship with my father has always been rocky and sometimes¬†even volatile. However, this blog is not intended to be focused on my father but the wisdom I’ll share is based on my experience and[…]
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Love Lesson 164

Making decisions that free you from people and their opinions always brings peace. The only one you ever have to please is God.