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Love Lesson 163

Severing relationships that cause pain rather than bring joy is an absolute must. Loving yourself has to become priority!

Memorial Day 2014

Happy Memorial day y’all! Today we remember those who gave their lives in service to our country. We don’t take their ultimate sacrifice for granted because it lends to our ability to live freely in the greatest nation on earth! May their souls always find rest in the bosom of[…]
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God’s grace

Loving God: Don’t value God’s grace cheaply! Lately I’ve heard a lot of people talk about grace & how we should always remember that God extended grace to us when dealing with others! I’m all for that but we should also remember the scripture in Roman’s Chapter 6: vs 1-2[…]
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We, the Church

I’m talking to my brothers and sisters in the body of Christ today. No offense to anyone who isn’t a Christian but while you can probably learn from this blog post, this word today is for those of the household of faith. I found myself asking God last week why[…]
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