My favorite book

8 years ago

I’m an avid reader when I have time. I’ve even written a few books of my own; Two have been published to date and I have a few more manuscripts that I’m working on.




Growing up, books played an important role in my life. I loved to read from the beginning and fell in love with books like the “Curious George” series.



Books became extra important to me as I continued to develop. I was an only child for a few years before my sister came along. I was spoiled, had few friends and hated to play outside. I was constantly by my mother’s side and some of her friends referred to me as my mother’s second handbag…lol… My mom even threatened to take my skates and bike away because she didn’t understand why I had them if I wouldn’t use them. I was a little chubby growing up and kids were mean to me so it was easier to stay inside and read or be at my mom’s side where I knew I was safe. Funny thing is I wasn’t by any means the biggest kid in my class or school so I never really understood why they chose to pick on me. I fell in love with the Laura Ingalls  Wilder “Little house” series of books during this time of my life. Her books were interesting, engaging and enjoyed by all ages. I try to pattern my books after her style.


However, my favorite book of all time is definitely the Bible. Some refer to it as “Basic instructions before leaving earth.”  While I agree, It’s so much more than that for me. In addition to being a manuscript for life, It’s filled with stories that intrigue.  You can pick up the Bible, read the same story twice and see it in two completely different ways. Pick up a copy today. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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