My favorite Candies

8 years ago

As you all well know, I’m trying to curb my appetite for sweets but I’ve found that total deprivation can be detrimental to success in maintaining a healthy weight/lifestyle. Everything in moderation is my motto so when I crave candy I have a few favorite pieces that I reach for.

The first one is my absolute favorite piece of chocolate; Hershey’s Nuggets extra creamy milk chocolate with toffee and almonds.   Yummy!

Another favorite candy of mine is Vanilla tootsie rolls.

I have to admit these are the hardest of my favorite candies to find. There are a few in the fruit tootsie roll bag

or they can be ordered directly from the tootsie roll website:


And finally, a combination of hard candy and caramel;  Werther’s original caramels. 



There are a few varieties of Werther’s original caramels available on the market but I love the original hard caramel candy  or the new caramel filled variety…. Absolutely delicious.

I hear Werther’s makes caramel popcorn as well. New: Caramel Popcorn - Perfectly popped corn wrapped in Werther’s Caramel I can’t wait to try it.


If you notice all the candies listed are miniature sizes, just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth and not derail your good diet efforts for the day. For diabetics, there are sugar free varieties of Werther’s original but please consult your personal healthcare professional before making it part of your diet.


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