My Favorite Male R & B Singers

8 years ago

Music is an important part of my life. I listen to Instrumental jazz when I write and few people know I can actually sing. It’s a talent I don’t parade much.

I have to admit I mainly listen to praise and worship music except when I’m writing. I like to stay focused and I believe as a man or in my case, woman thinks so is he/she. What you put into your mind and spirit is ultimately what plays out in your life but I’m a romantic at heart and on occasion I listen to Rhythm & blues. I’m talking real love songs not the bump and grind kind, so today I’m sharing a few of my absolute favorite male R&B artists.


Johnny Gill

My college music crush, “My,My,My”…lol… I used to tell my friends I would settle for living in a hut with him as long as he sang to me every day. I fell in love with Johnny Gill’s voice when he joined New Edition. Those in my generation grew up listening to New Edition hits like “Candy Girl” and “Mr. Telephone Man” but I honestly believe they matured When Johnny Gill joined the group. “Can you stand the rain” is still one of my favorite songs.


Brian McKnight

I love love love Brian McKnight’s voice. He’s not bad looking either. With songs like “Back at one”, “Anytime” and “Still” He makes it easy for a girl to fall in love over and over again.



I only discovered this phenomenal crooner a couple of years ago and his songs are incredible. Nothing like listening to love songs that represent maturity. “Share my life”, ” I Can’t stop loving you”, ” You’re on my mind”, “Why would you stay?”. to name a few are my favorite Kem songs to listen to.



This guy should go down in history as one of the best song writer’s of all time. I was surprised to find out all the songs he’s written for other R & B singers. “One in a million”, “Champagne Life” and “Miss Independent” are a few of my favorite Ne-yo songs to listen to.

There are others that I listen to on occasion but these four are my absolute favorites. You will always find one of their songs on my play list. If I ever get married, I want all four of them present & singing!


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