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7 years ago
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I’m posting this for those that have been asking questions like when is my next book coming out? Am I still hosting a book festival? and finally, what about the hospital in honor of my mom? Most of you who know me well know I operate in a spirit of excellence and won’t do anything unless it’s absolutely right. I feel if anything I do represents God then it has to be done excellently. Here’s a timeline of what I’m working on and with God’s help, I’ll accomplish it.

1) My next book, “Love’s Legacy” will be available 2-2-15 instead of summer 2014. I opted for this date because it would’ve been my mom’s 70th birthday & it will be an honor to her legacy to have it released on that day.

2)We’re moving the book Festival to Spring 2015. Operating in a spirit of excellence is the reason behind this delay. I want it to be well organized. We’ll be showcasing local Hampton Roads, Virginia talent so stay tuned.

3) I’m still planning to do a health fair in Nigeria around August 2015. this will help assess the need and magnitude of how big to start. i.e. Start with a clinic and expand to a full fledged hospital later or go full force with a state of the art hospital initially. I’m currently making a list of all of my fellow health care professionals who are interested in helping train health care professionals over there to take care of the patients. I believe this will be key in making it work.

4) The foundation to support this huge feat will be in place by January 2016 and hopefully land to build on will be procured in 2016. I would love to see the finished building by July 2018. Why then? It will be the 10th anniversary of my mom’s passing & I would love to have her laid to rest in a memorial garden on the hospital grounds then.

As you can read, I’m working on a lot. I ask for your prayers as I move forward. I’ll post specific dates and events as we get closer. Thanks again for your support!

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